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Pam Allen’s interest in fashion began when she was very young.  She inherited her sense of style and love for fashion from her mother who was a fashion model.  Following in her mother’s footsteps, Pam began modeling while in her teens and continued to do so into adulthood.  After retiring from modeling, her passion for fashion remained, so she decided to pursue a degree in fashion.  She earned her AAS degree in Fashion Merchandising/Retail Management and excelled in Visual merchandising and styling.

Pam always wanted to own her own boutique where she would sell “few-of-a-kind” fashion merchandise.  She began searching for a location where she could set up a brick and mortar retail space but was unable to find a suitable location.  The idea of a mobile fashion boutique surfaced as a result of a conversation with her niece, Ersell.  It made perfect sense!  A mobile boutique would allow her to reach more people than she would reach by being in a fixed location.  The opportunity to make her dream a reality presented itself when her husband Joel, retired in 2015.  It was the perfect time to start her business. They purchased a 22-foot RV, gutted it, converted it into a beautiful mobile boutique, and Wear To Go was born

Wear to go is a new, fun way to shop.  We are a mobile fashion boutique… a "boutique on wheels" fully equipped with all the comforts of a traditional boutique including:  a fitting room, air conditioning, heat, a comfortable seating area for parties and we even have a restroom.  Wear To Go arrives fully stocked with women's clothing, jewelry, and accessories all at prices that won't "break your bank".  Wear To Go carries vintage and new clothing ranging in sizes from 2 to 24, from casual to dressy.  We also sell shoes, handbags, and accessories such as watches, rings, costume jewelry, and hand-crafted jewelry pieces that are made locally.

 Most of the items we stock are one-of-a-kind, so they sell very quickly.  If you are familiar with the adage "She who waits is lost", that certainly holds true at Wear To Go.  You'd better buy it now because chances are, it won't be here later…. in fact, neither will we.  We are always on the move.  That's the beauty of being a mobile fashion boutique.  We are all over the place bringing our fashions to new people in new places.

 Even though we are always on the move, you can always find us by visiting our Events page.  This page contains our calendar of events with details of where we will be and when we will be there, so check that page often and come visit us often!  We are always happy to have you stop by and shop with us.  If you would like to see photos of events that we have already sponsored or been involved in, you will find photos and even videos on our Recent Events page.

 In addition to the merchandise available for sale in our boutique, we also offer a wonderful array of services.  Please visit the Our Services page to find out how you can host your very own private shopping party, have us assist you with closet organizing, personal styling, senior fashion shows for charity and to book Wear To Go for your next fashion show.  Details of how you can take advantage of the best fashion related services available can be found on that page.  Please complete the Book Our Services form (located at the lower portion of the Our Services page) to get started or for additional information and to answer any questions you may have.  We are always at your service!

You can find us online at the following:

Instagram: @weartogo25

Twitter: @weartogo25

Facebook: Wear To Go25

Pinterest: @weartogo25


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