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Hi! I'm J.C.

Being considered by many as one of America’s foremost life coaches, or as I like to call myself, a Life Transformation Architect, is rewarding but my life wasn’t always gratifying.
Even with outward symbols of success I felt out of place and experienced times that I really hated my life. I was depressed and my self-esteem was below rock bottom. All the roles my life demanded of me completely consumed my individuality. Lost in an abyss of self-hatred and sadness, my insecurities grew and led me to suicidal thoughts. Life was far from good.
Choosing to make my way to the life I wanted I found ways to turn my mess into progress. I released myself from the anchors that were keeping me stuck and chose to forge forward. I took mentorship from highly sought after leaders in personal development as well as success coaches in other industries. I used the best of what I learned to develop tools based on the concerns I see professional women facing every day.
Whether you are just beginning or, you've been on the journey for years, I encourage you to continue your quest for personal progress and use the tools I've designed to revive the pretty little rebel inside of you!

Are you ready to transform your life from Weakness to Winning? Check out my ebook entitled Weakness To Winning or begin your coaching series at 

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