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About us

Candace also known as, "CC" from New Jersey, launched her product line in 2014 called CC's Treats. CC's Treats is a handmade skin care line widely known for it's whipped Shea butters.  While struggling with over the counter products that didn't work for her own skin insecurities from acne, blemishes and also eczema, she decided to create her own products at home to heal her own personal skin issues. Over time, she started to formulate her own unique Shea Butter mixes.  Since then, CC's Body Treats (formally known as CC’s Treats) blossomed into a business and has become a household name for those who struggle with the same skin insecurities. Candace's brand has sponsored various natural hair events, women's empowerment event, and also charities across the United States and is still continuing to grow. CC's Body Treats skincare line is for anyone regardless of age or gender who faces skin issues or for an overall healthy glow using all natural ingredients.


"My goal is to help people love the skin their in!" ~Candace~ 


CC's Body Treats product line and general information can be found on the following sites:

Instagram: @ccsbodytreatsllc

Facebook: CC's Body Treats LLC

Twitter: @ccsbodytreats